About Us

Our Story

Itsonly5 is a family. We support and believe that whole heartedly. We strive on community, as well as working together for a common goal. The company is not here for simple gain or the power over those working with us every day. Our goal is to empower those in our company to turn to their individual communities and help revitalize areas of need.  We simply feel that it is our responsibility to help people help themselves, and those around them. Working as a whole community instead of one person will allow our staff to make an impact far beyond that of a standard employee at other companies. We not only encourage, but we challenge our staff to give back and help others. Having a nice slogan and donating to a charity for the tax write off is not enough. Along with our staff, we make changes never seen before! We welcome other companies to follow in our footsteps and make actual changes in the areas they reach.


Get To Know Each Other

Our company is by invite/referral only. We do not choose candidates on an experience basis. The company will provide the training. All we need from you is the work ethic and drive. We will get to know you through a simple application process. The rest will unfold as you learn our simple system. We want to get to know each other first.

Understanding Your Role

After we get to know you, we then help you fully understand what we do and the company goals. This is where you now get to know us and what we are asking you to do as a team member.

Determining Your Goals

When you accept the invitation to work as a team member in our company, we help you right from the beginning. Taking time to determine where you want to go in this company, and how you would like to set & reach your personal goals within our company platform.

CEO & Chief of Staff

Vivian Williams

Senior Support Executive

Christine Gordon

Social Media Coordinator

Cheryl Erickson

Charity Coordinator

Jake McCluskey

Web Development / Marketing Coordinator

Janet Lindon

 Media Coordinator

Micheal Isban

Events Coordinator

LaDonna Wisner

Technologies Supervisor

Debra Jackson

Community Relations Manager

Antoine Williams

Marketing Coordinator

Beth Kincade

Media Relations Manager

Darron Bishop

Securities Manager

Our Team is growing you will see new faces as we grow

What Others Are Saying

We Work Hard To Help You Achieve Your Goals

No questions asked. While you work with our company, your goals will always be important. We will help you through your pitfalls and celebrate your successes.


One of our main goals is to restore the family structure. Family values need to be brought back to our communities.


Restoring pride in ourselves, our communities, and our country as a whole, cannot happen until we economically empower individuals to help instill that pride.

Charity Begins At Home

By giving a person the ability to help their specific area and charity, we give them the power to see change locally.

Change Of Mindset

For as long as people had influence, there has been a form of programing that has taught you to accept the norm. We are here to break you out of that mindset.